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  • Account Questions
    Find answers to your questions about your account and how to manage it.
  • 1. How many minutes are included with my account?

    Voice In A Cloud comes with unlimited minutes. Unlimited minutes apply to calls anywhere in the Contental US and Canada and are subject to Voice In A Cloud Terms of Service.
  • 2. What are my payment options?

    Currently, voice In A Cloud only accepts credit cards for payment. We will make available additional forms of payment in the future and notify customers when available.
  • 3. How do I log in to my account?

    Go to and click on my account on the right hand side of the page.  Then put in your user name and password.
  • 4. How long is the service contract?

    Typically our service is provided on month-to-month basis. There might be some exceptions, however, where a service contract must be signed.
  • 5. How do I reset my password?

    Log in to your account, select the My Settings tab and click on Personal Information in the left menu. In the Password & Security section at the top of the page, select Change.
  • Cisco 7960 Phones
    Find out how to setup and use your Cisco phone
  • 1. How do I setup my company extensions?

    You just tell us what you want and Voice In A Cloud will set it up for you.
  • 2. How do I setup my voice mailbox?

    Press message on your phone, when asked put in your temporary password. Press 0 for Mailbox options, then press 1 to record your Unavailable message. Press 2 to record your busy message. Press 3 to record your name. Press 5 to change your password. After you finish each recording press # And then to save your recording press 1.
  • 3. If my phone quits working?

    Make sure you are conected to power and internet. to reboot your phone unplug the power for 10 seconds, and when you repower your phone, it will reboot. This will fix most conection problems.  If you still have problems call us at 801-882-2222
  • 4. How do I setup my speed dials?

    Press the button labeled settings, then press 6-call preferences, then press 9-speed dial lines. Use the up and down arrow to choose the line you want to setup. Then press the edit button, then next to new label: type the name, you have to use the number buttons to type. Then push the down arrow, and press the button under number, then put your phone number in. Then press the accept button. And start over for the rest of the speed dials.       (Make sure you press accept when you’re finished with each line.) If your company has more than one phone you can setup the speed dials to call other extensions. Instead of putting in the phone number, type in the extension number. The extension number can be found in the top right hand corner of phone, usually a four digit number next to Sip.
  • 5. How do I use my Phone Directories?

    Press the phone directories button. 1-Missed calls- see the calls you missed. 2-Received calls- see who you talked to. 3-Placed calls- see who you called 4-Personal Directory- you can store your contacts in here by pressing the more button, then press add button, then type the name with the number buttons. Use the down arrow to put in the phone number; you will have to press the number button to enter the phone number. Then press the save button. You can also use the contacts in the other directories, use the up or down arrow to pick the number you want to save. Then push the keep button and that number will be put in to your personal directory. Then if you go to your personal directory you can edit it and put the name in for that number.
  • 6. How do I adjust the volumes?

      With the volume plus or minus buttons you can adjust the volume for the ringer, the handset, the speaker phone, and your headset.
  • 7. How do I change the ring type?

    Press the settings button, and then press 2 for ring types, then with your up or down arrows scroll to the different ring types. You can play them by pushing the play button. You can save one by pushing the select button and then press the ok button.
  • 8. How do I transfer a call?

    After you answer a call, you can transfer it to another extension, or phone number.  You will push the more button on your phone, then you have two choices.  You can ether transfer or blind transfer.  Transfer lets you talk to the person you are transferring to.  To transfer a call you push the transfer button, then enter the extension number, it will ring the extension then you can talk to them, then push the transfer button and the call will ring there extension.  Blind transferring sends it without talking first.
  • 9. How do I make a three way call?

    To make a three way call, you make a call or receive a call put them on hold, then you call the second number, then put them on hold, and push the conference button.
  • About Voice In A Cloud Phone System
    Find answers to questions about Voice In A Cloud phone system
  • 1. What are the benefits of Voice In A Cloud?

    • Setup your phone system to work the way you do
    • Connect your office, remote employees and mobile users under one phone system
    • Easily support multiple locations, move from one location to another or instantly add new users
    • Change answering and forwarding rules online, anytime, anywhere
    • Integration with existing phones or mobile devices
    • Never miss a call or fax
    • Be connected to your phone system in and out of the office
    • Customers can reach you or your employees, wherever you are
    • Get your voice and fax messages anytime, from anywhere
    • Simple, all-inclusive pricing for assured low monthly cost
    • Reduce ongoing operating costs
    • Unlimited minutes means you never have to worry about overage charges
    • You use it, we manage it
    • No complex hardware or onsite PBX to install or maintain
    • Deliver a professional image
    • Sounds like a Fortune 500 company
    • One provider for the business phone system, voice and fax
    • 24/7 Customer support*
  • 2. What’s in a cloud-based phone system?

    “In a cloud-based” means that the core technology infrastructure and global network providing the business phone and fax system functionality is located in our multiple secure data centers and delivered to your business over the web. This eliminates the need for capital investment and the hassle of installing and managing complex hardware in your office.
  • 3. What’s involved in setting up my Voice In A Cloud business phone system?

    Your Phones will be programed prior to install, Its as easy as plug in phone and start making calls. There is no down time and no missed calls during the set up.
  • 4. Do I need special equipment or a router to make this work?

    No additional telephone lines, PBX hardware or installation is needed. Voice In A Cloud will work with any high-speed, stable internet connects. And if you need internet we can help get you the best speed for your money. You will need a router that can make the internet connection available to your phones/devices.
  • 5. What features are included with Voice In A Cloud?

    Voice In A Cloud delivers complete business functionality and a rich set of features for your office phone system. You’ll get everything you need in one complete system with one low price: Reliable phone and fax service with unlimited calling in the  (Continental lUS & Canada), multiple extensions, auto-receptionist with a dial-by-name directory, voicemail with email delivery, call forwarding, find me fallow me, and more.
  • 6. Can I transfer my existing phone numbers to Voice In A Cloud?

    Yes. You can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to Voice In A Cloud.
  • 7. Can I make International calls?

    Yes, you can.  To activate international calling, please call customer service at 801-882-2222.
  • 8. Is there a free trial for Voice In A Cloud?

    Voice In A Cloud comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it for your business.
  • 9. Is there a setup fee?

    For a limited time we will wave any setup fees.
  • 10. Is there a cost for the VOIP phones?

    For a limited time, we will provide you a free lease of our phones when you order Business class service.
  • 11. How do I increase the number of phone in my office?

    All you need to do is contact us at Voice In A Cloud and we will program the new phone or phones. And add them to your Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, or how ever you want them setup. There is no limit to the number of phones that can be added to your system.
  • 12. Who will install the equipment?

    In most cases we install all equipment, In many cases for Hosted IP-PBX service, the customer installs phones by themselves because of ease and simplicity of plug-and-play technology behind IP-phones.
  • 13. How quickly will you respond if we have a problem?

    We understand how important it is for our customers to have ongoing and uninterrupted communication and should any emergency occur we will put our best effort to resolve that issue instantly via remote support or have a technician dispatched to the location.
  • 14. Do I have access to a call log

    Yes! each extension has a login on our web site and can see every call make or received on their extension. They also can see how long the call was and the phone number for each call.

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