Get voicemail, local and long distance service, Auto Attendant, Remote Office, Hunt groups. Save up to 50% each month.

With all the expenses with running a company we are all looking for ways to save money. There are a lot of ways to cut expenses, but few that come with improving your phone system and getting more features like changing your phone service to Voice In A Cloud.

How can we save you money?

Voice In A Cloud utilizes a telephone technology called Voice Over IP (VOIP) that allows us to provide you with enterprise class features at an affordable price. VOIP uses the internet to deliver phone service to your home or company without having to run any cables to your company, thus saving you money. Another way we are able to save you money is by buying service in bulk and then passing the savings along to you. This is possible because our service on supplied at one location (Voice In A Cloud) and then delivered to your home or business via the internet.

Will reliability be sacrificed?

Reliability will never be compromised. Voice In A Cloud uses the reliability of Cloud Servers and combines them with advanced VOIP services to create a “Voice In A Cloud.”  A Voice In A Cloud provides more reliability then any other service provider.

When will the savings start?

Immediately, most of our clients start seeing the savings from day one.

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